Your load is our load

Are you looking for a general haulage service that has the capacity to cope with change?


Our customers are demanding and unforgiving, they can only be described as ‘plc’. They live in a world without weather, without compromise, without sleep. They operate 24hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. They operate a zero tolerance to failure policy and require us to give 150% at no extra cost!!! That’s why we are proud to call them our customers. If you are looking for service, commitment and capacity look no further. We work for blue chip companies operating and managing lanes out of many CDC’s, NDC’s and factories. We work for local businesses shipping pallets to their clients. We work and have worked for many household names in retail and manufacturing. Our general haulage clients span many sectors and industries.

Fleet and Maintenance

In order to continually meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, we have invested heavily to build up a modern, reliable and efficient fleet of vehicles capable of undertaking every kind of job. The result is a modern fleet that offer many types of applications to meet a wide variety of customer demands.

Transport And General Haulage


Wise Logistics Ltd offers a wide range of services to suit all your transportation requirements. We’ve the expertise to deliver your products to your customer on time anywhere in the UK, no matter however diverse your requirements.

We offer a complete operational network of national haulage and employ highly skilled experienced and co-operative drivers and staff management. You can rely on our delivery service and can be confident placing your deliveries into our care. Just have a look below what we've got available.


Our Fleet


Emergency Deliveries

Able to carry up to 2 standard UK pallets
Maximum payload 800kg.
Always handy in emergency situations


7,5t Curtain Siders

Able to carry up to 10 standard UK pallets
Maximum payload 2300kg.
Tail lift and pallet truck on board
Maximum pallet height 2,4m.


18t Curtain Siders

Able to carry up to 16 standard UK pallets.
Maximum payload 10,000kg.
Tail lift and pallet truck on board
Maximum pallet height 2,6m.


44t articulated lorries

Able to carry up to 26 standard UK pallets or 33 Euro Pallets.
Total payload 28,500kg.
Tautliners and Boxes with tail lifts available.
Maximum load height up to 3,2m.